Let’s go!!

I have enjoyed some calm days.

The tablet is working just fine and it has already started working for lavozdehorus.com, more specifically for the 66th podcast  about Eldar harlequins. Or, as Byor says… “the clowns”. What a group… Everything turns out fine for them, they are smarter than anybody and the friking Cegorach, the god that laughs, protects them. Now the Harlequins are the first ones.

I am sorry, Ultramarines, but you are now on third place of the “So cool it is disgusting” top 5 (1). Yes, third place, because the second one was already stolen by the Custodes, more golden than anything. Damn you, Harlequins, somebody should teach them how to style those colours.

I have also translated Bjorn’s chorribujo. This was the first chorribujo I made for La Voz de Horus and I love it so much. It was made for the podcast #5, about characters that were over 10,000 years old. They talked about the Dreadnoughts, of course. Bjorn the Fell-Handed even met Leman, Primarch of the Space Wolves. He could tell you so many things about it.

I remember the first time that I discovered one of those machines. I know that WH40k has a lot to do Grimdsrk and all that, but just the detail of being able to keep yourself alive for centuries, connected to a terrific machine, shooting and fighting and destroying the ground under your powerful metallic legs looked everything to me but Grimdark. And then I discovered the Titans… That was the end for me.

Another thing that I am going to add to my drawings is the portrait of Shigor and Bowen. They are dos Original Characters, NPCs of a WH40k roleplaying game. They are an Inquisitor from Ordo Malleus and his navigator, and they have a relationship of a father and son. Bowen is the only one able to show the human side of the Inquisitor. Bowen doesn’t have a family, because of a war between Navigators families (2) and Shigor lost his wife and his son at the hands of the dark Eldars. It was a matter of time.

Those of you who play roleplaying… Do you have a favourite NPC? An NPC so special that you have even risked your own character’s life to save him/her? Let me know about it!!

(1) You know that I adore them, even though I am constantly joking about them. I am such a Space Marine’s fan girl, of all of them.

(2) The wars inside the Navis Nobilite do not tend to be that extreme, but there are cases like those.

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