The majority of my work is based on portraits, looking for them to reflect the personality of their persona. My ultimate goal is for the drawings to become as alive as possible.


From simple to complex, from serious to funny. Comics give me freedom to explore new areas of the drawing spectrum combined with storytelling.

Illustrations for books

Sometimes, inspiration does come from other artists, from many different written platforms. This is when I love to turn those texts into drawings and try to depict the author’s idea as accurate as possible.

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Marina Izarne

Welcome to mi page!
This is the home for my paper-and-pixel children. I worked as a cartoonist for a long period of time… until the crisis attacked. Currently I do commissions of illustration, drawing in general, portraits, comics, … I am also the resident cartoonist of La Voz de Horus, and I am also one of the main collaborator of their weekly podcast. That website is the biggest speaking-spanish site dedicated to the Warhammer 40,000 universe (so you can have an idea of my inclinations!).

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  • AL TURRÓN (Let’s go!!)

    Han sido unos días tranquilos. La tableta se está portando y ya ha empezado a trabajar para lavozdehorus.com mas específicamente para el podcast 66, sobre los Arlequines eldar. O como dice Byor… «los Pachachos». Vaya elementos, todo les sale bien, son mas listos que nadie y el maldito Cegorach, el dios que rie, les protege. Ahora los Arlequines...
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  • Welcome to my website!!

    And, finally, I have my own website. Thanks to the Emperor!! And, well, thanks to Victoria Dane, of course… because I have no clue about how to make websites XD. Now, my drawings have their real home. A place where I will not only post my creations, but also a place where I will inform...
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