Welcome to my website!!

And, finally, I have my own website. Thanks to the Emperor!! And, well, thanks to Victoria Dane, of course… because I have no clue about how to make websites XD.

Now, my drawings have their real home. A place where I will not only post my creations, but also a place where I will inform you all about  my projects and drawings while their process is on. Truth be told, we have had this idea in mind for a long time, but we have always been struggling with the right time and approach. Until we settled a date: today, May 25th.

And why this date? Because today, 2 years ago, Dane convinced me to gain more visibility and to create my own Instagram profile. And that’s the best thing I have done in a very long time. I will never thank her enough for her push. I have met wonderful people, I have shown my drawings to the world, I have found lots of inspiration from other illustrators and miniature owners. And the best of all: that made me meet again my old friends from Star Wars Galaxies. People that, surprisingly, love WH40k Universe as much as I do. It has been an honor meeting them just before Xandre started La Voz de Horus‘ podcasts about this universe, where I do also participate with my drawings and as a collaborator with my voice talking about backgrounds, dramatizations of books… imitating Nurglets’ laughings.

Since I started collaborating with them, a bit more than a year has passed by. A year of chorribujos, comics and learning, without pauses (apart from those eventual ones causes by Daddy Nurgle or my tablet’s agony). Because these last months have been really difficult for me to draw with my first tablet, because she was so old and got frozen every now and then. It has been really frustrating.

Luckily, thanks to my Patreon and to my Guardian Angel Itzi, now I have a new tablet at home. It has way more pressure points and I will soon start showing you all how it performs. I have had lots of messages from you talking about how you miss my chorribujos that usually come along each podcast from La Voz de Horus and the comics about Guilliman and his brothers have been paused for a very long time. But, now, this is over.

I am back on track and stronger than ever!!

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